Adaptive Lab + Studio

Adaptive Lab + Studio
Space as unique as your needs.

What if Discovery Park District offered you the perfect highly specialized space to suit your design, research, precision assembly, prototyping, wet lab, dry lab, or computational lab needs?

Located in the heart of the Discovery Park District at the western edge of Purdue University, envision modular lab spaces facilitating a breadth of uses, from electronics, machining, CAD and maker-space functions—to higher acuity Bio/Chem lab needs complemented by smaller break-out, collaboration spaces for specific lab projects.

Forming new collaborations and bringing researchers together to solve the biggest problems is nothing new for Discovery Park - but changing the lab environment where it happens is.  Come be a part of what’s next, at Discovery Park District.

Illustrative Uses

  • CAD/CAM/Building Information Modeling (BIM) laboratory 
  • Biology/chemistry laboratory with fume hoods 
  • Wet laboratory
  • Lab preparation area
  • Machining laboratory 
  • Printing laboratory
  • Electronics laboratory
  • Virtual laboratories
  • Precision assembly/manufacturing
  • Robotics laboratory
  • Teaching laboratory modules
  • Research laboratory modules
  • Open, collaborative spaces



For more about the district, please contact:

Adam G. Chavers
Chief Development Officer

Jeremy Slater
Director, Discovery Park District


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