National Security Industry Center

National Security Industry Center

Innovation is moving at new speeds.
Are you?

Moving at the speed of business isn’t moving at the speed of innovation. At Discovery Park District we understand speed, scale, and location are critical for researchers and companies looking to be a part of what’s next.

Located in Discovery Park’s Aerospace District, you can take flight at the western edge of Purdue University with office and lab space prepared for secure projects or open collaboration - all taking place at the forefront of technology.

Designed to function at multiple security levels in handling proprietary collaborations between industry, government, and the university to craft multidisciplinary research leading to viable technologies that can be manufactured at scale.


Purdue Hypersonics Center for Excellence

Hypersonics research is both basic and applied, addressing feasibility and design for robust, next-generation hypersonic systems. 


Purdue Hypersonics: Depth and Breadth

  • Guidance, Navigation, Control (including Autonomy)
  • System Engineering, Integration, Command and Control
  • Aerodynamics/Aerothermal Effects (experimental and computational)
  • High-Temperature Materials and Manufacturing
  • Propulsion and Diagnostics
  • Cyber-Physical Protection
  • Sensors and Signatures



For more about the district, please contact:

Adam G. Chavers
Chief Development Officer

Jeremy Slater
Director, Discovery Park District


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