Medical device company moves into Carr Workplaces at the Convergence Center

Medical device company moves into Carr Workplaces at the Convergence Center in Purdue’s Discovery Park District

Zorion Medical will move into the Carr Workspaces located in the Convergence Center to Innovation and Collaboration, placing the medical device company at Purdue University and support potential research collaboration to advance Zorion’s technology.

Zorion Medical Inc., an innovative medical device company developing fully absorbable implants for use in treating peripheral vascular disease, coronary artery disease, orthopedics and other surgical applications, is opening a project development center with Carr Workplaces adjacent to the Purdue University campus in the Convergence Center for Innovation and Collaboration.

The new project development center will place Zorion in the heart of the $1 billion-plus Purdue Discovery Park District, providing proximity and access to Purdue researchers, core labs and preclinical capabilities to advance the company’s product applications through early-stage development. The company intends to maintain lab and pilot scale, clean room manufacturing operations in Indianapolis.

“As we expand our business operations, it is important to be close to our key collaborators at Purdue.”

david broecker
founder and executive chairman, zorion

“The Carr Workplaces solution is ideal because it provides us with both physical space and professional business support on campus. For an emerging medical device company, this is an ideal solution,” David Broecker, founder and executive chairman at Zorion.

“Zorion is the perfect fit for the type of company that can benefit from being in Carr Workplaces.

They want to be on campus to increase access to testing facilities and collaborative research activities with Purdue researchers. Our professional business support provides David and his team focus on building their company, while allowing us to provide the business support they need.”

ethan kingery
general manager, carr west lafyatte

Carr Workplaces is a leader in the co-working industry and will be opening more than 20,000 square feet of professional office, conference rooms and meeting spaces in the Convergence Center for Innovation and Collaboration. Opening in May, the Carr Workplaces operation in the Discovery Park District will be the first Carr location on a university campus. The space offers 68 private offices for companies and a range of professional services for companies that want proximity to Purdue students, researchers and facilities.

Broecker, who also is the chief innovation and collaboration officer for Purdue Research Foundation, said Carr Workplaces provides a new place for companies within the Purdue entrepreneurial community.

“I work with companies all the time and know the importance of having the types of support and amenities Carr Workplaces offers,” Broecker said. “We are pleased that Discovery Park District is the first university location for Carr Workplaces.”



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