It’s not an office park.
It’s a launch pad.

Innovate. collaborate. accelerate. At Purdue.

Generate new ideas. Develop them faster. Get them to market more quickly. A radical environment makes radical innovations possible…and makes them possible right now.

Discovery Park District at Purdue University is a transformational center of innovation on the edge of campus. Here your company will have the opportunity to tap into the vast university strengths and assets, collaborate with other world-class corporations, researchers and visionaries. Connect with faculty, students, thought-leaders and business luminaries in a vibrant and stimulating innovation hub designed to be an interwoven business and social ecosystem. Here you don’t just toss ideas around. You launch them.

Innovation is a contact sport.

Innovations don’t happen in a vacuum. And people who bring innovations to the world don’t work in a vacuum, either. They collaborate. They connect. They make contact. And that’s exactly what Discovery Park District is designed to do. It’s a master plan community where progressive companies, families and individuals come to live, work, learn, play and create in a dynamic, interactive community focused on innovation. Discovery Park District is over 400 acres of planned development designed to create a thriving, walk-able, urban setting to create, congregate, collaborate, and commercialize.



  • July 30, 2019
    National Security Industry Center
    Located in Discovery Park’s Aerospace District, you can take flight at the western edge of Purdue University with office and lab space prepared for secure projects or open collaboration - all taking place at the forefront of technology.